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Sampling Pack - for teaching Curriculum Level 5 Sampling - Years 9 to 11

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Dragonistics Clearance Sale: $99 $119

New Dragons have landed. The new packs use bigger cards so now is a wonderful time for high schools to stock up on Sampling Packs using edition 1 Dragonistics data cards.

Clearance sale prices are only while stocks last.

Academics' Choice Mind Spring AwardYour students will enjoy learning statistics with Dragonistics Data Cards. This pack has 3 sets of edition 1 Dragonistics Data Cards, each representing a unique dragon and containing multivariate data about that dragon. Your students can explore statistical concepts and gain understanding by sorting and organising the cards. They can directly create tables and graphs with the cards, allowing them to draw meaningful conclusions.

The data is designed to produce results similar to real datasets but with a controlled relationship strength. The dataset is rich, allowing for multiple lessons.

The cards are 44x64mm, beautifully designed and with a professional finish. Each pack contains 240 cards. The 720 cards from three sets is a big enough population for sampling lessons.

The Sampling Pack is ideal for the Creative Maths free sampling lessons (NZ Curriculum Level 5). These, other statistics lesson plans, and mathematics learning activities can be downloaded from the Creative Maths website.

Here is a video about the cards:

Here is a video showing an introductory statistics lesson using the cards:

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