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Multy Facty Multiplication Resources: Individual tables


Help develop number sense with Multy Facty Multiplication Resources.

These are print-and-play resources. Each PDF includes the times table for one value, showing all multiples from one to ten. Each product is shown in two ways, for example, both 2×3 and 3×2 are shown in the three times table.

The PDF contains twenty cards, to be printed as four cards per page. Each card holds an array and numerical representation for one multiple. You can keep the symbol and the number version together, cut them out separately for matching activities, or fold them in half to allow checking.

The cards can be used for a range of different activities. Suggested activities are included in the PDF.

All tables can be purchased for a saving as Multy Facty Multiplication Resources: All tables. This product uses the same representation as the Multy Facty card game and the Multiples Table poster.

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