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Multy Facty

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Multy Facty is an innovative multiplication facts game designed to build number sense and multiplication fluency.  Multy Facty develops an understanding of multiplication and helps embed multiplication facts in a fun game.

Multy Facty is for 2-4 players and includes:

  • 31 unique Multiple cards,
  • 48 Factor cards (with factors from 2 to 9),
  • 12 Wild cards (matching multiple factors),
  • 14 Action cards,
  • Multy Facty rules.

Cards with the same factor are added to match multiples. The card visuals support the learning of multiplication facts and factorisation. Multy Facty allows players at different levels to play together and be successful.

Download the rules here

Multy Facty uses factors 2 to 9.

Multy Facty is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their multiplication facts. It matches New Zealand Curriculum levels 3-4 but can be used for a much wider range of learners. Multy Facty provides an excellent resource to spark rich discussions about multiplication and addition.

Also see the Multy Facty rich task ideas with our free resources.

Use the Multy Facty Poster in your classroom as a visual aid for the game. The poster displays a multiplication table using the arrays from the Multy Facty multiple cards.

Cards are 70 mm square high quality playing cards and come in a handy tuck box.

Free shipping in New Zealand. This product only ships within New Zealand.

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