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Flexible Fluency Multiplication Compilation: 2 to 10 times tables. One school licence.


Meaningful activities develop flexible fluency around multiplication facts.

The activities are engaging, creative, innovative and progressive. They develop conceptual understanding as well as procedural fluency.

This is a school licence for a teacher e-resource. The PDF includes 236 pages of activity masters with their answers. There are nineteen activities for each of the tables 2 to 10 and extra activities around squares and square roots. These can be printed as nine 24-page A5 booklets and a 20-page booklet or printed off one page at a time and selected for individual students' needs.

This is a compilation of the ten Flexible Fluency multiplying and dividing sets which are also sold individually. 

Dr Nic Petty is known for her innovative resources based on sound pedagogy. This is one of the first of many resources to support teachers and parents developing learners' flexible fluency.

Copyright Agreement: School licence

The purchase of this resource entitles the reproduction of pages for use in a single school. The sale is on the condition that there will be no reproduction of, or access to, the resource outside the school, and the resource will not be forwarded electronically to people outside of the school.


If you have already purchased a teacher licence, contact Nic Petty directly at n.petty@CreativeMaths.net to discuss reducing the price of a school licence by that amount.

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