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Dragonistics Data Cards 240 mini-card deck (edition 1)

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Academics Choice Mind Spring Award

Explore the wonders of mathematics and statistics with Creative Math’s award winning Dragon Cards.

Dragon cards are data cards that display multivariate data about 240 unique dragons including species, behaviour, strength and height. They can be used to investigate relationships. Do green dragons tend to be taller than red dragons? Are female dragons more likely to be dangerous than male dragons?

Dragon cards provide a wide range of learning opportunities including rich tasks and maths activities to build fluency. Dragon cards are a versatile teaching tool that can be used in primary (elementary) schools, middle schools and high schools.

Your students will enjoy learning mathematics and statistics with Dragonistics Cards. They can sort and organise the cards, create tables and graphs, allowing them to draw meaningful conclusions. The data is designed to produce results similar to real datasets. The dataset is rich, allowing for multiple lessons across the mathematics and statistics curriculum.

The cards are 44x64mm, beautifully designed and with a professional finish. This pack contains 240 cards, which is enough for a whole class. It also contains a set of 56 Attributes Cards.

The Dragonistics Cards can be used with our free lesson plans, learning activities and games. These can be downloaded from the Creative Maths website.

Here you can see the lovely children of Waitakiri School in Christchurch learning with the data cards:


Here is a video about the cards:

Here is a video showing an introductory statistics lesson using the cards:

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Review comments from teachers

"I have a year two student who has been struggling with reading, general engagement and math. All of my children have loved the dragon cards but she has adored it. She will sit next to me and I pretend to be too busy to be able to read the sheets or cards, she figures it out and gets really deep in the investigation. She has been teaching other children and asking them really good leading questions. I hear the children saying things like with 25 cards my results were..., what if we had 25 other cards or 50 cards etc
It is so exciting!"
 - New Plymouth primary school teacher
"Dragonisitics data cards have engaged all students at all levels of my maths in my classroom. The cards are interesting and have a range of attributes for the students to work with. The subject specific vocabulary that students were able to use when discussing the cards was a huge improvement to what it had been before their use. I highly recommend the use of these cards for posing open ended problems involving statistical data. Students ask to use them, which in years 7 & 8 is huge. They motivate the students to engage in their learning."
 - Nathalie Jeeves-Edwards, Kaitao Middle School


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