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Cat Maths


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Cat Maths is an essential early Primary resource designed for the classroom. Cat Maths helps children learn and practise early maths skills including ordering, sorting, counting, matching, bigger, smaller, greatest and least, same and different. Your students will enjoy learning maths with these beautifully designed cat cards. 

Cat Maths is coming soon. Pre-orders will be shipped by June 1, 2018.


Activity matching cats with the number of toys they have.

Cat Maths cards are: 

  • Unique – there is no other product like it!
  • Versatile – can be used for many different mathematical activities and games
  • Attractive – carefully designed with beautiful cats
  • Compact – they don’t need much storage space
  • Smart – based on sound maths and stats pedagogy
  • Fun! – for children and their adults
Matching the four natures using four cat cards

Each cat has the following characteristics: colour, gender, habitat, nature, age, name and between 0 and 4 toys. Orange attribute cards correspond to a single characteristic, for example Colour, Nature, Age, Number of Toys. Green value cards correspond to a single characteristic value, for example Tabby, Playful, Age 6-10 or 3 Toys.

Cat Maths is best suited for curriculum levels 1-3.

Cat Maths Contains
Cat Maths teaching booklet
Two copies of The Cat Pack family game:
    2x 75 unique blue cat cards
    4x 12 orange attribute cards
    2x 27 green value cards

Cat Maths can be used with our pool of free teaching resources, maths learning activities and lesson plans. These can be downloaded from our site.

You can see videos of suggested Cat Maths activities through our YouTube channel:

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Note: Graphics of the final product may differ slightly from those shown.

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