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Dr Nic and Statistics Learning Centre have developed over 50 teaching videos related to statistics and Excel. All of the videos are available directly through Statistics Learning Centre with some of the videos also available free though YouTube. The videos have been watched nearly two million times and currently receive 2000-3500 hits a day. The Statistics Learning Centre totals over 30,000 subscribers.

This page provides more information about the three ways you can access our videos.


Paid New Zealand teacher access

Statistics Videos and Resources is a resource base for New Zealand teachers. It provides access to all of our quality videos at high definition. The videos are organised into subject area with information provided about the appropriate level of the videos for students. Our NCEA resource bases (NZ Stats 1, 2 and 3) organise the videos by NCEA standard and include additional resources for teachers and students. See our Content and Pricing page for details on costs. New Zealand teachers can request a two-month free trial by contacting Dr Nic at


Paid international access

Statistics Videos (International) is a portal for students and teachers outside of New Zealand to access all of our quality videos at high definition. For personal study the cost is $25US for six months access to all videos. Teachers who want to provide access for their students should contact Dr Nic at

To see what videos are available download the linked pdf.

You can sign up for access to this course here.

Feedback on our videos

Very awesome. Clear and concise. I hope my students take my advice and use your channel to help them along. –  Mark

Your videos are so easy to understand :) –  Aashish D'Mello

Awesome work. My first non-boring stat lecture. –  Muftooh Ur Rehman

I found this video while doing research on statistical tests and thought it is an excellent tool to share. –  DePaula Ross

Thanxx a lot
Helped me a lot in preventive and social medicine –  Parth Patel

OMG these videos are hilarious, i loved it, and btw im learning a lot! Thank you! –  Flávio Oliveira