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The Dragon Games Two-for deal

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Fun, Variety and Lots of Dragons

The Dragon Games is an opportunity for dragon wranglers of all ages to show their skills. Wranglers put the dragons through their paces over four events to emerge champion dragon wrangler.

2-5 players
Ages 7+
10 minutes to 2 hours

Using beautifully designed dragon cards, The Dragon Games is a family game that appeals to all ages with four different easy-to-learn events: Formations, Matches, Connections and Battle. The events are fun to play and help practise mathematics skills.


48 unique dragon cards
12 attribute cards
36 connectors
12 gold medals 

    Play a single event for a quick game or take your time on a Grand Tournament to determine the Dragon Grand Champion of the world. A Grand Tournament can take about 2 hours.

    The Dragon Games is an educational game designed for the classroom and the family. It helps to practise different mathematics skills including ordering, sorting, counting, matching, inequality relationships, greatest and least, same and different.

    The Dragon Games is more than just four-games-in-one. You can use The Dragon Games to make up your own games.

    Read the rules here: The Dragon Games Rules

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    Comments from teachers using The Dragon Games

    "My class (especially the boys) are LOVING this game. The graphics are amazing and the children are having fun and not even realising that they are actually learning. They love battling each other and trying to collect as many dragons as possible. I have found it hard to find games that the children really enjoy, but this has got to be the best so far. Highly recommend !!!!"
    "From what I can see as I observe the students, they are always talking to each other and helping each other out so there is a lot of dialogue going on. Connections is quite interactive. There is a need for them to focus intensively as there are a lot of categories involved. They are always comparing variables using statistical vocabulary. Matches- Students enjoyed this game too. They found that while it wasn't as intense as Connections, they felt that it would work better with less than four people."
    "Fantastic game, builds solid knowledge and is riveting at the same time. The children loved the game and begged me to play it again the following days. For a resource to be so well loved and liked in a short period of time is fantastic."

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