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Class Dragon Game Creator Package - Year 6 to Year 11


The Dragon Game Creator bundle provides a variety of cards and tokens so that kids can make up their own games.

There are 480 unique pairs of dragons, eight sets of 14 Attribute cards, twelve sheets of 12 Connectors and four sheets of 12 Medals. There is also a set of The Dragon Games, as a starting point. 

An entire class can be engaged, thinking up different types of games, experimenting, exploring probability and fairness, making up stories and writing instructions. Great for integrated low-tech STEM, and passion projects.

Or the set can be used for an entire class to be playing The Dragon Games in small groups. Have a class tournament!

Here is a video teaching how to play the games.

Free shipping within New Zealand. 
2 boxes of Attribute cards
1 copy of The Dragon Games
12 sheets of connectors
4 sheets of medals


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